Bowland Logs Quality Kiln Dried Firewood Supplies
BEECH      £  39.50 (Per bag)      £  77.00 (2 Bags)      £150.00 (4 Bags, 1 Cubic meter) ASH      £  39.50 (Per bag )      £  77.00 (2 Bags)      £150.00 (4 Bags, 1 Cubic meter) BIRCH      £  37.50 (Per bag)      £  73.00 (2 Bags)      £140.00 (4 Bags, 1 Cubic meter) Bags of Misshaped pieces £27.50 per bag (when available)
Easily delivered using a sack truck these bags can be placed virtually anywhere on your property and are small enough to fit through most doorways and gates. The vented sides help ensure that the logs are stored in the correct condition there is no stacking or mess. Logs can be used straight from the bag. The logs are hand selected and carefully stacked into each bag ensuring you only receive quality logs. The logs measure 10 inch in length and each bag contains a quarter of a cubic metre. Please note There is a £5 deposit on our vented bulk bags refundable on return of the undamaged bag or alternatively we can supply logs without bags.